My Time With Local 6 Interning

This semester I have the opportunity to intern at a bustling news station! I tried to prepare myself by watching HBO’s “The Newsroom” and talking to my friends who have also interned at a news station to kind of get a vibe of how things would be. Would it be busy? Would they be nice? Would I answer a a phone call to a breaking news story? So far I haven’t but I am happy to say it has been the most exciting learning experience I have ever had. Watching things from behind the scenes and seeing how hard it is to truly put together news for the public to enjoy and be trusted to give true information. The ins and outs of a news station is very interesting and so are the people. Going out with reporters and meeting producers and managers and seeing how they all work together for one purpose is inspirational. So far the experience has solidified that news is definitely a field I want to be in and has also shown me what I need to do in order to reach my goals. I still have a few more weeks to enjoy it and milk this experience for all its worth. Im sure when its over I’ll come out a million times more knowledgeable then I did when I took my first steps into the building.

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