Birthday Cake Is The New Trending Flavor

Bacon has been a popular flavoring for a long time. It has been a featured flavor in several snack foods such as chips, popcorn, and even ice cream. The new flavor trend today is birthday cake, especially in sweets.

Birthday cake is now the flavor basis of the country’s trendiest treats. New York City’s self-proclaimed and current cupcake queen Allison Robicelli, co-author of the new book “Robicelli’s: A Love Story, With Cupcakes” with her husband, Matt Robicelli, said that birthday cake is time machine to a happy place.

Manufacturers are planning on great success with the huge range of birthday cake flavored items that are featured in sweet treats on the market today. Birthday cake is a featured flavor in yogurt, popcorn, candy, ice-blended tea, and many other products. These products incorporate vanilla, butter, sugar, and eggs, which are the basic flavor components in homemade birthday cake.

Recently, M&Ms stated that it would be releasing a birthday cake flavor of its popular candy in May of next year. Birthday cake has also been incorporated into ice cream along with chunks of real cake in the mixture. There is also Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish as well as birthday cake flavored vodka. For those who want their homemade cakes to taste even more like birthday cake, there is an artificial extract making the cake smell and taste even more authentic and according to Yahoo, “you will even smell the wax of the burning candles.”

Birthday cake is a very delicious dessert in my opinion, but as a flavoring, I am not sure if it will be that good. Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish crackers does not sound very appetizing whereas birthday cake ice cream sounds pretty good since cake and ice cream is already a popular combination.

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