Escaped Orange County inmates recaptured and returned to prison

Within the last month, police in Orange County, Florida, were working overtime to find two escaped inmates from the Orange County jail. Apparently, these two men managed to escape prison using forged documents to stroll right out of jail weeks apart from one another. Seeing as the two men were in prison because they were convicted murderers, this was cause for alarm for Orange County.

The escapees, Charles Walker and Joseph Jenkins, managed to get out and stay out of prison for a few weeks. During this time, the families of their respective victims were outraged, speaking to many media outlets about their displeasure. Luckily for the families, both men were apprehended at an inn in Panama City and are now back in jail.

Upon recapture, authorities began questioning the two escapees for information of how they escaped, and if there were any others who escaped the same way. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner stated that he is very sure they will be making more arrests based on information they get from the escapees.

One of the men, Walker, is to be charged with escaping from prison, while Jenkins is not being charged with anything. I’m not sure why only Walker is being charged. The two men are now being held in separate maximum security rooms in jail, to prevent them teaming up and escaping again. Orange County law enforcement is no doubt embarrassed that the two men managed to escape so easily, and are not likely to allow it to happen again.

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