iPad Air: The Investment is Worthwhile

It feels like every week, something new is coming out in the world of technology. If it’s not the new Apple iPhone, it’s the new Samsung Galaxy with the smart watches or the Windows Surface Two. This time, it’s a new iPad by Apple. The new iPad, the iPad air promises to be innovative and revolutionary. It is superior to its predecessor in more ways than one.

This new tablet has been beautifully crafted to include features that make it desirable. The new table twenty-eight percent lighter than the last, weighing in at one pound. It comes with Apple’s magnificent retina display, measuring 9.7 inches. Inside, you can find the new, powerful, and lighting fast A7 chip.  It optimizes on battery life, allowing the tablet up to 10 hours of battery live. The Wi-Fi on the iPad air is two times faster, with downloads speeds of up to three hundred megabytes per second.

Having an iPad is like having your entire world at your fingertips. It is great for taking and storing pictures. You can watch all of your videos, movies, TV shows. You can also have Netflix and Hulu for your entertainment. The greatest feature on on the iPad air is the iCloud. It syncs all emails, contacts, reminders, calendars, and apps between all of your devices. It’s great being able to access your schedule from both your phone and your tablet. Having the Apple apps pages, keynote, and numbers makes it easy to create word documents, slide shows, and spreadsheets. All of these then get synched straight to your iPhone, MacBook and iCloud. Apple has truly created something that makes people lives easier. The technology may be a little pricey, but it is most definitely worth the investment.

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