Exploring The Question if There Will be Dogs in Heaven, And Why People Love Their Pets so Much

I have heard too many times the question: Are there going to be dogs in heaven? People, who love their pets very much, ask themselves if there is going to be a reencounter with their beloved puppies.

Personally I have never had a dog, or cat, or a bird; however I see close relatives who love their pets very much and enjoy the company of their little animals. Sometimes, I see how dogs speak their own language with their owners. I like the way a dog greets the people they love: jumping, walking around the person, running from one side to another from the house to express the happiness of seeing the person who takes care of them. As humans, we see a great amount of expression of love in children when they see their parent after being left alone for a while; unfortunately such demonstration of love decreases with time. That is why sometimes it is understandable the affection people have for their dogs. I mention dogs because I do not see the same manifestation of happiness in cats. The cats act more independent than dogs.

Regarding the question if there are going to be dogs in heaven. I imagine there will be. If God created animals at the beginning is because He had some delight in them. And according to the Bible in Revelation 19-11 Jesus is coming back on “a white horse”. If there are horses in heaven, maybe there are dogs too. Still if we get there, we will not care about the pets; we will be delighting in God’s presence.

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