Black Lives Matter Activist DeRay Mckesson is running to be the next mayor of Baltimore, Maryland.

Black Lives Matter Activist DeRay Mckesson is running to become the next mayor of the great city of Baltimore, Maryland.  Who is DeRay Mckesson you ask? Well DeRay is one of many faces of the Black Lives Matter Activist, he is a young black African American who speaks or tweets about major events that are affecting the black community. The Black Lives Matter movement roughly began around 2014 during the Ferguson and 2015 Baltimore, Maryland protest. DeRay graduated from Bowdin College in 2007 with a degree in government and legal studies, he has wrote many articles in the Huffington becoming a Black Lives Matter.

DeRay Mckesson has always been a person to fight for a real cause and when he and so many other activist see how the law is not protecting the people instead it is hurting us. Police officers for years have been getting away or covering up their actions and after so must frustration and injustice DeRay decided to put his foot down and started to inform people by using platforms such as Twitter and Instagram then he later created a website. DeRay is very aware and informed with the young youth he connects and understands. This is rare because most people who are activist are not really active on social media. I follow DeRay on Twitter and he is very engaging and informative, not only does he give his honest opinion he also has facts to back everything he says up. The people of Baltimore are looking towards to this election of choosing who will be the next mayor; I am looking forwards to it as well because I believe that DeRay will be a great mayor. The Baltimore needs someone who is young and connects with the youth.

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