Why Game Developer Techland is asking $10,000,000 For It’s New Edition of Dying Light

Polish game developers Techland, under their publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Enetertainment, released Dying Light for PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 in January, 2015 to positive critic reviews ranging from 7-10 on a scale system, and managing to outsell Grand Theft Auto V for the week on January 28th. Now, one year later, they have released an expansion titled Dying Light: The Following, and with it have announced a very special edition of Dying Light that is for sale, Dying Light: Spotlight Edition. This edition only has one copy available, and the price is $10 million.

Why is the asking price ten million dollars? Well, because this doesn’t just net you a few copies of the game to play with your friends. No, along with offering 4 copies of Dying Light and it’s expansion, it offers the buyer the chance of a lifetime – star in the newly announced Dying Light movie in a supporting role, with speaking lines and an action scene. Along with an acting coach, a stunt trainer, a private off-road drive on a closed mud track, personal trailer on set, a signed copy of the script, and take part in the screening tour.

In the past, the gaming industry has seen insane amounts of money asked for projects on Kickstarter or Steam early access, some of which have exceeded $3 million. However, this is the first time a publisher has outright offered a job in exchange for, essentially, helping to fund the production of their film. It may be a sign of things to come if this is how Techland believes they will get the actor/money they need, or if this is simply them curious if anybody is actually willing to shell out this amount of money. Either way, this is assuredly the boldest question to come from a developer in a very, very, very long time.

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