Blogging is Used for the Better in Egypt.

How often do you see a piece of trash on the ground and just walk by it because you think somebody else will pick it up? Sadly, we walk by that piece of trash more often than we pick it up and put it in the garbage. Not only do we do that with trash, but also with violence. If we see something going on that is not right we need to stand up for the other person even if it puts ourselves in danger. Wael Abbas of Egypt did just that. He courageously posted multiple pictures of violence by a cop to an innocent person on his blog. Because of his actions these inhumane police suffered their consequences.


Even though Wael Abbas put his own life in danger, he potentially saved thousands of lives that could have eventually been harmed by the aggressive police. This whole incident is a prime example of the positive potential bloggers can have on their society. Think about the many issues that can be put to extinct just because we wrote about it and shared it with the world! There are multiple problems in this world that nobody even knows about. We have the ability to change that! In Stephen Franklin’s article “Whence the Revolution”, he highlighted a plethora of authors that were just every day people who were suffering the wrath of the Egyptian government but spoke up for themselves and made a positive impact on their society. They can now be known as heroes. So lets stop blogging about the next hot, celebrity couple and start talking about something that is actually important to our generation. We can become instant heroes!

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