Facebook giving its users the opportunity to make money

When Facebook  first came onto the scene, I was skeptical because I already participated in other social media outlets.  I finally decided to join and realized that Facebook was actually a little more entertaining and I decided to keep that one. When I first joined it was defnitely a platform to be able to express your opinion and be able to interact with my friends. It was very laid back and not too much went on nut your updates.

But along witth the economy comes pressure to maintain income and target a different market. That is now leading to different social media sources to start creating opportunity to make money. These changes gave regular users and businesses an opportunity to advertise their company or business.

If you have noticed, Facebook went from just posting statuses to actually advertising and asking the users themselves if they wanted to advertise.  So Facebook now gives us the platform to advertise anything that we want to. We make profits when Facebook makes profits. And instead of having pressure of having to have to sign contracts or having to make quotas, Facebook gives you the opportunty to try and jumpstart or test drive your business.

They have even gone off to launch a seperate site where individual people can put their stories up and request money, advice or anything they need. For example, a mother needed an ipad for her autistic son and put her story. The people who came across the story and felt like contributing would give money and the woman actually got enough money to get her son the ipad. 

Facebook has turned into a business not only for the creator but for the users themselves. And has revolutionized Social Media.

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