That text message can either be your last or it can wait.

Florida laws do not prohibit texting while driving, yet more and more car accidents are caused by careless drivers who are distracted by texting while operating a vehicle. Is that text message worth an accident? Is it worth your life? Another’s  life? If so please reevaluate your priorities. Studies show that texting while driving is equivalent to that of falling asleep behind the wheel. It is as serious as being unconscious so why have we not made this act illegal yet? According to the article “Florida Distracted driving law” recent studies show that over 70 percent of Florida voters support a statewide ban on text messaging while driving.  But if the bill is not being passed for some reason or another I think we should create more awareness of the serious hazard that is it to be distracted by texting while you should be focusing on the road. This isn’t just texting, its tweeting , updating facebook, snapping pictures to add on Instagram, all of this can wait. What is the hurry in trying to focus so much on social networks that we cannot focus on the task at hand?  I believe we should especially educate teenage drivers who are the ones that are easily distracted and pulled into the idea that a text message is worth so much more than focusing on driving.  According to the article numbers indicate that distracted driving is the number one cause of fatal traffic accidents in Broward County. Distracted driving is leading to deaths and we should all take an oath and agree not to allow our cellphones to distract us while driving this will help prevent more fatal accidents.

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