Blue Man Group in Orlando, Florida

I took my boyfriend here as a surprise! If you don’t know what Blue Man is or what it’s all about…don’t worry I’ve got you covered.

Blue Man Group are 3 men painted in all blue that perform and entertain with painted drums haha. It’s pretty difficult to describe what it is (check out linked video) because it’s so unique and there’s nothing like it! It’s just insanely entertaining for everyone!!!!

So UCF secret, you can purchase them at SGA, which is in the Student Union by Ms. Fields. Tickets for UCF students are $30!!!!!! Crazy, I know but awesome (: I called a head of time and spoke to a rep at the show, to see if they could do something special for my boyfriend.

I went a few years ago and was actually chosen to go on stage, so I wanted to see if maybe they could do the same. Unfortunately, everything is done at random and anything goes at that show! What I managed to do, was have the whole audience sing happy birthday to my boyfriend before the show started haha. They put on the screen that it was his birthday and everyone sang to him, it was great! lol.

Before that, I bought extra tickets to be in the VIP lounge, which included 2 free drinks each and you get to take pictures with the guys! Once we finished our drinks we went into the show sat down and that’s when it appeared on the screen.

Tip: We sat in the center but seat selection really doesn’t matter when you go to the show because it’s so large you can see it from any angle and it’s perfect. If you’re sitting in the first 3 rows I believe, you get splattered with paint (so if you’re dressed nice… don’t do this lol). The show I would say last maybe an hour and a half but it flies by because it’s so fun to watch. I REALLLLLY recommend going if you’ve never been, it’s so fun.

The great thing about this show is it’s location… it’s right in CityWalk at Universal Studios, so this means FOOOOOOOD! They have tons of restaurants to choose from and we went to the Hardrock. I had the waiter get the entire restaurant to sing happy birthday again and bring him a special dessert, it was great! The service there is awesome and if it’s your birthday, they scream it at the top of their lungs and get everybody to join in! They even made my boyfriend stand up.

Blue Man is GREAT and they even have one in Vegas! The Orlando one is awesome and the location is even better so you can get dinner afterwards. I highly recommend this event. Dress pretty and take pictures because it’ll be a night to remember!


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