Bose: Is it worth the investment?

Whether it’s the marketing behind the Wave Music System or the constant advertisements of the Quiet Comfort 15 Noise Cancelling headphones, you just can’t miss a Bose product.  But is it genius marketing and well placed ads, or is the product actually worth the excitement and the investment?

As someone very familiar with Bose products, I think it’s a clever mixture of both.  Bose was established in 1964 by Dr. Amar Bose, with a vision to provide each customer with a product that excelled in simplicity of use, clarity in the performance and reliability in the design.  Today Bose is available all over the world and has become the leader in audio performance.  But is the product worth the investment?

Many Bose enthusiasts will brag for days about their products, how much they use them and how long they’ve owned them for.  This is exactly the reputation Bose has built for themselves.  Consider the Wave Music System as an example of longevity.  It’s original concept was introduced in 1984 and spawned a whole category of radio/CD players that used “wave guides” as their source of power and performance.  Over the years, the product has evolved and significant changes have been made to stay current with the technology landscape, but the price has never wavered.  The same people that paid $499.95 twenty years ago are returning to stores today and getting the same great product for the same great price.

Nowadays, everyone is careful with their finances.  Nobody wants to make the wrong investment and pay dearly for their mistake within a few years.  Electronics are not items that are needed, but rather enjoyed.  Therefore when considering making an investment into your enjoyment, you should consider making the investment in a Bose product.  Because unlike some investments that’ll fizzle in a few years, a Bose product will still be going strong a decade later.

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