Viral Videos Save the Lives of Many Every Day

After reading my assigned reading this week, I am angered a little bit about some of what I read. Society, especially in underdeveloped nations, is doing whatever they feel like and having no shame about it. When police beat the bus drive in Egypt, they made it into a video to threaten other bus drivers. It was telling them that we are the police and we can hurt you if we please. I have to say thank goodness that the video fell into the right hands and that it went viral. Videos and things like that need to be brought to the attention of society or the world. People should not be able to get away with horrible things just because they are deemed higher up in society. Police officers should be the ones people go to in order to feel safe, not to constantly worry if they will beat someone up one day.

In this aspect, technology is used for good. As wrong as it is, some news organizations try to cover up the wrongs of society and by doing so it allows many people to get away with beating someone up or top secret information about terrorists. It is the jobs of people everywhere to make sure the real story gets told. If it is on video and the government, news organizations, etc. tell a different story then it should be our responsibility to right their wrong. People need the truth in order to know how to make up their mind about something. This definitely is a positive aspect to how far technology has come. Without that viral video because of the internet, the police would have gotten away with their threat video and then who knows how many more bus drivers could have been beaten up.

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