Boston Bruins: Should they make a trade for a playoff run?


The National Hockey League is currently more than half-way through its regular season and the playoffs are rapidly approaching. Before the playoffs arrive there is still one more important event that will happen that can change every team’s outlook for the post season, and that is the trade deadline. The trade deadline provides an opportunity for certain teams to try and acquire some talent who could be the last piece of the puzzle and help them move towards a championship. For the Boston Bruins, they are currently leading the Atlantic Division and are second in the Eastern Conference behind the Pittsburgh Penguins, so they are looking rather good but they could still look to add in a key piece that I think would be beneficial for them.

Ever since the Bruins have lost their second best defenseman Dennis Seidenberg to a torn ACL, and is out for the year, the defense and the goals that they have allowed have slightly increased. It’s obvious that this organization could use the trade deadline to possibly add a top tier defenseman to pair along-side captain Zdeno Chara. The Bruins have one of the deepest rosters in the entire league, so they have some assets that other teams could look at and could possibly give up some of those assets in exchange for a top defenseman.

With this acquisition the Bruins can patch up that big hole on the defense and can really hold opponents to fewer goals, which would really be beneficial for a playoff run that hopefully can end with a Stanley Cup.

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