The Fear of Getting Old: What To Do About Our Brains

As a society our health consciousness is increasing. Eating healthy and exercising is becoming more common. Gyms and health food stores are popping up everywhere and it seems as though Americans are starting to focus more on healthier bodies and longer lives.

What about our brains? Are we forgetting the most important part of our functioning bodies?

On average, Americans live to the age of 80. One in three girls live to a hundred and one in four boys live to a hundred.  Our brains’ performance peaks around the age of forty. We are now outliving our brains.

In the last thirty or forty years of our lives our problem solving abilities, decision making, speed of thinking, and memory are dwindling.

Exercising our brains is just as good for us as exercising our bodies because what is a healthy body without a healthy mind?

Scientists encourage us to stop looking at everything on a surface level. Instead of explaining a movie or book to someone by reiterating the story with details, look at the story with a deeper meaning. Think and then explain what you brought away from the story.

We are also encouraged to stop multi tasking. As our lives get busier and busier we tend to focus on more projects with less concentration. In reality our work suffers because we are not paying as much attention to detail.

Scientists also suggest more physical activity. Not only does exercise better our bodies, it betters our minds. Exercising increases heart rate, which in turn allows more blood flow to your brain, stimulating memory centers.

The combination of exercise and involved thinking is sure to boost brain activity and a longer life.

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