Breaking News or Entertainment?

It seems like in today’s world we receive most news from the World Wide Web. Some people may check Yahoo and read their top stories or see who is trending. We go online and look at our local newspapers because Print versions of the newspaper just seem so untypical these days. Me personally, I find out news through social media outlets such as blogs from my favorite radio station, trending topics and posts from my followers on Twitter, and pictures from my followers on Instagram.

It seems like these new methods have taken over as my new anchor for news. Even though they do keep me updated on what is going on locally, but world wide also. Despite the convenience, these things I find on twitter are a lot of the time false news. Twitter kills many celebrities every week. Blogs online even back up these false statements just to receive hits or traffic onto their website. Just the other day, Morgan Freeman died from a hospital visit.

The youth really believes these media outlets. I have come to realize that you can’t believe the news on Twitter, Facebook and other social media websites. They are merely entertainment and used to create hype. It is a good way to promote their websites. True news is what you can possibly get from different real news platforms and create your own opinion on what really happened.

Just a couple tips for advice. Don’t believe what you see on Instagram and twitter or blogs. Blogs compete to get the hottest story out the fastest. News websites or Newspapers is the best option but still contain some biases. Just don’t confuse entertainment versus breaking news. Take your time to do your research and find out the real story.

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