The Creativity Clutch: Free your mind

Creativity is what sets us a part from one another. But how much creativity is acceptable? Often times those who openly express their creativity are looked at as “weird” or “strange.” An individual with spiked hair and mismatched clothing are usually outcasted from common groups. People who are artistic often stay to themselves to avoid judgement from others. Is it a natural instinct for humans to behave this way?
If so, I feel it goes in hand with survival of the fittest. Those found superior will have more and receive more, always keeping them on top. Just think of what areas in which creativity is encouraged. We are surrounded by rules and guidelines that can hinder our creative juices from flowing.
Whether in school or the workplace, those in leading positions can have a “my way or the highway” mindset. The other day a friend of mine was telling me about an essay assigned in which no instructions were given. As expected, this individual did not know where to start or what to do. We are so used to being guided and dictated, when do we let our minds lead us? I think this is why social media is so popular. “What are you thinking?” is what’s being asked. We have the ability to say just what is going through our minds. Blogging has also become popular. A person can write freely on issues important to them or just anything they want to talk about. I think by individuals being able to express themselves through writing is a beautiful thing.
Whether through art, writing, or just common conversation, it is important to feel like we have a voice as humans. We need to allow ourselves to show creativity, whether utilizing technology or a close friend. Let us take advantage of the freedom of expression we do have. Do something creative and free your mind!
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