Follow me, I’m popular!

Online is a world made for the creative and brave.  Especially with the influx of cutting edge technology allowing average Joe’s from around the world to create content and influence opinion through consistent posts and updates.

Although standing out is challenging, the world wide web grants users outlets to express, explore and experiment. Whether you enjoy sharing your awesome thrift store finds on Pinterest or posting a review of the latest beauty product on YouTube, overtime, you’ll establish a niche and online voice.

Distinguishing yourself from the crowd and gaining an online following can lead to financial gain and notoriety. Brands look for curators to talk about and endorse products.   It makes it much more believable for an everyday person to speak about how awesome a product is rather than a company forcing a message down your throat with hopes of making a sale.  Moreover, if you’ve built up a high traffic blog, companies  will pay for advertising space on your website.  Seriously,  making money can’t get any easier than that.

A key element to experiencing online success is having good content that’s personable and worth sharing. People easily get distracted online and unless you possess some engaging content, then more than likely you’ll get over looked.

My suggestion to anyone seriously looking to develop as online influencers is  talk about the things you enjoy and are passionate about. Furthermore, take it seriously.  It’s going to take time building one’s rapport, but with patience, personable writing and perseverance, you’ll get there.

Just remember, no one is capable of being a better version of you, than you.  So shine on, the world’s waiting.

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