California Girl Scout Sells Cookies Outside San Francisco Cannabis Clinic

California Girl Scout, Danielle Lei, has gotten quite a bit of attention in the last few days on  social media and even the news for her latest cookie selling fund raiser .  Girl Scouts have been selling cookies for a number of years, but what makes Danielle Lei different is where she chose to sell them.  Instead of setting up shop outside the local Walmart or CVS, Danielle Lei chose to sell cookies outside a Cannabis Clinic called the Green Cross.

Some people think selling cookies outside the clinic is a very smart move.  Marijuana is a well known appetite stimulator so a lot of people think that it is a great business decision to sell cookies right outside the door.  It seems to be working too, Danielle’s mom claimed that she sold 117 boxes in just two hours, 37 more boxes than she sold at the local grocery store in the same amount of time.  It seems that, from a business standpoint, Danielle Lei has made a great choice of location for her fund raiser.

From a business standpoint, selling the cookies in front of the cannabis club is a great decision, but some argue that the morality is questionable.  People are saying that it is setting a bad example for kids and that the mother should be ashamed of herself for exposing her daughter to drugs.  Other people are saying that it is giving the Girl Scouts of America a bad name.

Danielle Lei’s mom doesn’t think it is a bad thing at all.  She says that doing this fund raiser allows her to show her daughter different cultures, and selling outside of the cannabis clinic allows her to open up the topic of drugs for discussion.  She says that she isn’t condoning the use of drugs, she’s just trying to educate her daughter while still coming off as the “cool mom”.

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