Cartoons not for Kids, but Adults

Cartoons and kid programs in this new generation just aren’t the same anymore. Growing up, I remember watching cartoons like Sesame Street, Arthur, Scooby Doo, and action/adventure cartoons such as Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon. Just recently, I watched some new cartoons and I was shocked. The content and the messages that were being portrayed were shocking. It seemed like the cartoons were created for a mature audience rather than kids. Cartoons now do not take kids on an adventure. There is no use of an imagination. Characters in today’s cartoons talk with slang, have basic lives and work basic jobs. Before, cartoon characters would imagine and live extraordinary lives.

Even worse, the content cartoon characters talk about is far too mature for kids. They speak about relationships, make smart jokes about life situations, and do not teach kids life lessons, or even a moral of the story for that matter. I watched a cartoon show with my niece and I was entertained. I laughed at all the jokes while my niece laughed at my laugh. It felt like a sitcom but with cartoon characters! I asked my niece what educational shows come on the air, and she could only tell me Dora the Explorer. I felt like the cartoon would only create rudely smart kids with snobby attitudes.

Somewhere hidden, these new styles of cartoons might have some educational message for kids because of the laws the FCC put into place, but I do not believe kids are understanding and receiving this message. Today’s cartoons are too sarcastic, are speaking of relationships and other adult situations my generation can relate to. Cartoon Network use to only air cartoons. Now at around 11pm, you can find people riding skateboards and pranking people. These new cartoon shows are watering down educational shows.

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