The Semi-Homemade Solution

You wake up to the obnoxious sound of the alarm clock buzzing in your ear on Monday morning. It’s time to brush your teeth, hop in the shower, dry and style your hair, get dressed, grab something for breakfast and lunch, if you have time and then rush out the door. Now you’re hungry at lunchtime. At this point, you usually grab something unhealthy. Even if you can’t relate to this scenario this article will still be beneficial.

I started really watching what I ate a few years ago. It wasn’t until recently that I began making meals for the week on Sunday to spare me more time during the week. I search through my list of blogs or use my favorite application Punchfork to search for healthy recipes. There are countless applications to find quick healthy meals if we’d just take the time to research. We’d save on time, money and calories. After you know your recipes for the week, make a list of all the ingredients then head to the store. Fresh herbs are best to use, but not always convenient. Try to make sure you at least have dried oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary, parsley, and oregano in the kitchen.

My personal favorite semi-homemade meal is pizza. Instead of buying a frozen pizza I head towards the deli for a ready-made pizza crust then I grab fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. Right now I have all the ingredients to make a semi-homemade pizza with less calories than a frozen one. However, to make the pizza sauce you will need a food processor. This meal takes me less than 30 minutes to make. Most of my healthy, semi-homemade meals take 30 minutes to an hour to make. Once you have a few meals made for the week put them in the freezer until you’re ready to eat.

Who says eating healthy has to be hard or time consuming? It doesn’t have to be if you take the time to search for the right recipes, have the right kitchen tools, and have the desire to change.

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