Casual Cannabis Users Beware: How mild use of cannabis is supposedly bad for your health

Today I read an article focusing on the negative aspects of the casual use of marijuana. Supposeidly causal users experience adverse effects from the minimum use of smoking cananbis. Physiscians have stated that smoking cannabis only on occaions causes stimulation in the developmental part of the brain. If someone of the age of 18-25 smokes, he or she can experience negative side-effects for the long term, yet heavy uses somehow develop an immunity to it over a period of time.

This is why I believe the study to be motivated not by medical science, but by polictial agendas. It seems odd to me that a story such as this should reach the front page of a respected website such as Yahoo! News as marijuana becomes more mainstream. I believe people who are against the legalization of medical marijuana often will make wild accuzations without much scienctfic background. Change can be very scarey for people, escpacially after a very effective campaign for their entire lives.

Over time people who claim these things are bad for you become the same people who advocate their use. Doctors before have said that tabacco was completely safe until the mainstream deemed otherwise. This will be the case with weed as well. As doctors do actually research as the previalince of canabis use becomes more widespread, it is completely possible that medical professionals will discover way more positive aspects of the drug than negative. I look forward to the day that doctors themsleves advocate the use of the drug as opposed to fighting it.

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