Will 5G be a Game Changer in the land of Technology?

Who remembers those days of 1G speed used in our internet or phones? If you are reading this article, chances are you do not remember because 1G was all the way back into the 80s. Now, for most of us, that is not a long time ago, however technology has changed rapidly from that time. From ads bombarding your television to deals stating “4G Available,” 4G has been the paramount speed for the past two to three years. However, it was a process to get to the point we are currently at.

It took almost ten years for 1G to turn into 2G. Then it took almost another ten years to reach the next level of 3G. Lately though, contrary to that similar progression, 3G to 4G has been only eight months. Now 4G, which has only reigned supreme for a relative short amount of time, will soon fall in the same suit like its predecessors to 5G. People are asking though, what exactly is 5G? For starters, 5G is 1,000 times faster than 4G. For example, a full feature movie take around 40 seconds to download on 4G. 5G will download that same movie in a second. A question that multiple sources are asking is exactly how long will it be until 5G because regularly available? The Southern Korean government has already began to invest $1.5billion into research and having 5G available by the end of this decade.

Some questions that arise is exactly how 5G will change the landscape? Due to the sheer speed of 5G, new technologies will be able to work faster and with more efficiency. For example, Skype did not work too well on a 3G platform, but performed beautifully at 4G. Netflix, one of the biggest movie and show databases, works excellent with the current 4G platform. However, the current version of Netflix would have not been able to work on a 2G platform. These examples show that 5G will not only be a game changer, but will pave the way for a birth of new technology.

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