Cell Phones: Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Live Without Them

Cell Phones, almost everyone has one. From the young to the old, we see just about everyone with a cell phone. Now, it’s not just a cell phone, its an entertainment system, camera, photo album, secretary, weather man, grocery list, dictionary, newspaper and the list can go on. We depend on our phones way to much now a days and we can’t live without them. If you lose your phone you can lose lots of very important information and memories. For example, if you took vacation pictures on your phone, those are now gone (unless there are in the cloud) or if you have important bank information on your phone, thats now gone. We are also on our phones more then ever. We are constantly checking our emails, Facebook status, twitter, games, etc therefore we cannot live without them constantly by our side. People are so attached to their phone that they must be on there phone while doing dangerous things, like driving or crossing the street. There are no many deaths caused by someone who was distracted by using their phone while driving. Even something such as crossing the street, people need to be texting and they are not paying attention and can get hit by a car or run into someone/something. Therefore, we cant live with cell phones knowing that they cause distractions to so many people.


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