Is Facebook safe to use?

If you’re like me or pretty much anyone else I know then you probably have a Facebook. It seems like it has overtaken our generation as well as others. I know grandparents that use Facebook and it makes me wonder how we got to this point in technology. This website provides so much insight to people on the way they think and live on a daily basis which is a little disturbing to me. There are people being paid to watch everything we do on Facebook from comments to likes. Then they analyze all this information to advertise to us the things they think we are interested in because of the information they get from our page. I feel that what we do should not be opened for research. We should be allowed to have full privacy if we would like. That will never happen, but it is something to think about. Knowing this it gives me the “chilling effect” because I do not want to say personal information that anyone can see or pull up. I would think this would be the same for most people, but it seems that it doesn’t stop the average face-booker from posting. Even though I enjoy Facebook I do not feel it is a safe place to indulge in personal information. You never know what can come from it and it is better to be safe than sorry. I know many people that regret things that have been posted on Facebook. The smartest thing is to use it as a networking site and nothing more in my opinion.

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