China Progresses Toward Banning Indoor Smoking

China has decided to go through with the decision to ban all indoor smoking by this year. Even though certain places that were told not to smoke, including hotels or restaurants, rules weren’t strictly as enforced as they could have been. China serves as a top consumer of tobacco products. One in three cigarettes that are smoked in the world comes from China.

I believe that this is a good decision for China due to the harmful health reasons that are being produced by tobacco products. Smoking cigarettes will not only put users in danger, but anyone around them. Secondhand smoking is just as bad as a single user smoking a cigarette.

A good solution to stop the use of indoor smoking would be the consequence of someone getting a fine if they smoke indoors, possibly a good standard fee would be $200.

Chinese government officials being told not to smoke at schools or hospitals to set good examples to the public was a good thought on the behalf that children could be influenced to engage in smoking activities if they see adults who are at a  level of importance to society involved in tobacco use. Also, a hospital already has sick patients in the facility. The last thing they need are large amounts of carbon monoxide entering their sick bodies.

It is very sad and awful to hear that over a million of people in China have died from illnesses that come from using tobacco products. This awful tragedy can be stopped through the cut down on cigarette smoking, lowering the annual deaths of civilians, instead of increasing the number of dead bodies in China.

Hopefully, China keeps to their word and bans indoor smoking, so in the long run their will be better health overall.

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