Movie Theater Shooting: Texters Beware

In the past few years, public shootings have captured the attention of the American Media. Earlier today another one has taken place in Wesley Chapel, Florida when an elderly man shoot and killed a fellow moviegoer in front of his wife. The reason? He was texting during the movie.

Mr. Reeves, the elderly gentleman and shooter, became upset when the victim refused to stop texting during the screening of the movie ‘Lone Survivor’, a action shooter star Mark Wahlberg. While the irony and what some would call ‘poetic justice’ for the violent response to the lack of common courtesy demonstrated by the victim, questions concerning theater safety, gun rights, and people with violent tendencies crop up.

This comes after the Aurora Shooting in 2012 during the screening of The Dark Knight, and will certainly have the public screaming for tighter gun control. This will surely bring up what qualifies as a stable person when applying or receiving gun licenses. Mostly this could just be a general warning to people about how a little common courtesy can go a long way.

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