Actor Paul Walker’s untimely death leaves the World in Mourning

Upon hearing the news of the “Fast and Furious” actor Paul Walker being dead as a result of a fatal car accident I was deeply saddened. I learned of the news from the Social Media giant Instagram and I quickly researched its validity on Google and I learned that it was indeed true. Heartfelt condolences and comments poured in on Instagram and Twitter from fans who felt as if they had lost someone close and special to them. The most heartbreaking post that I had seen came from Paul Walker’s Co-Star, Tyrese Gibson, as he posted a picture at the scene of the accident in tears, expressing the pain he felt from losing his long-time friend and co-star.

Growing up as a child I was always fascinated with fast cars and I had a need for speed. When the movie series first arrived onto the big screen I was glued to my seat. Immediately following the end of the first movie I always longed for a sequel. Upon the end of the second movie of the series that same feeling returned and I wanted more. Paul Walker had a presence in the movie that demanded my attention and I simply could not keep my eyes off of the clever Brian O’Connor. In a sense I felt as if I grew up with the series as I followed it from elementary school to college. I am curious to see how the directors of the movie will somehow continue on with the movie. Being that Paul Walker was the main character of the movie I feel as they need to be sensitive and respectful in reference to what they decide to do with his character.

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