Who will play at the Super bowl this year 2014?

I am becoming extremely excited for the next upcoming NFL football games. I am saddened to say that my team The Indianapolis Colts lost this past Saturday on 01/11/14 to The New England Patriots. It was an interesting game to watch because Andrew Luck our quarterback was doing great but he wasn’t as good as I expected him to be. He should’ve been under Peyton Manning (Our former quarterback which now plays for the Denver Broncos) taking notes from him to become a better quarterback just like Peyton Manning is. Tom Brady showed us who the boss was for that game. Now people want to see Peyton Manning go against Tom Brady for the Super Bowl. We are still missing one more game left to determine who what teams will play at the Super Bowl but the quarter of the people want Peyton Manning to play and the quarter of the people want Tom Brady to play since there are four teams left to play so its only a quarter of the people that want to see them play. I am going to be rooting for Peyton Manning although I am not a Denver Broncos fan however, I am a Peyton Manning fan for everything that he did for the Colts in all the years that he was there for and I hope that Peyton Manning wins because he is a great quarterback and he knows what he is doing. he may be aging but he is still one awesome quarterback that not many people can be like him. Is anyone else looking forward to the Super Bowl? Zy dream is to try to attend a super bowl one day and hopefully watch my team The Colts play and win there. Let’s see what happens after this weekend’s game. May the best team win!

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