CES – The Birth of Future Technologies

Since 1967, a congregation of betters and creators of new technologies has been celebrated each year in the city of Las Vegas. And I say better because in this congregation is where producers come up with their new technological inventions betting hard for their product in order to achieve a world widely success. This congregation takes the name of CES (Consumer Electronics Show)

In this exhibition is where many of our today’s friend were born, and eventually got big in the universe. From the mythical VHS tape system that abled us to watch movies in our home screens until the digital formats that have been improving during the past years such as the CD Rom, DVD and Blu-Ray.

The 2014 exhibition celebrated the past week from January 6-9, attracted around 3000 companies that decided to show their future products, and around 20 thousand novelties were shown, according to the media. A total number of 150 thousand people who appreciated the yearly exhibition, and surely are already excited for what is coming next year. There were also more than 200 talks about the tendencies in the market starred by 500 international speakers.

What were the highlights of CES 2014? As we know the TV is still the leader in technological products, since we can consider it as the protagonist of all homes. The manufacturers know the importance that we give to this product, as well that If our TV breaks down today, we will be looking to buy a new one tomorrow. So in other words, the new generation of the TV was the big highlight of the 2014 exhibition, bringing the 4K TV generations.

Meanwhile new products are getting born in the CES congregation of Las Vegas, we as extrem consumers are just trying to understand how fast technologies grows, and how the situation can be in the future…


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