The Stars Shine Bright At This Years Golden Globes

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are back for a second consecutive year hosting the Golden Globe awards. After a successful stint hosting last year, the duo was contracted back for another two award shows in 2014 and 2015. Hollywood tends to stick with what goes well as Fey herself pointed out in the opening monologue “We are very happy to be back. We are hosting the Golden Globes for our second time. Because this is Hollywood, and if something kind of works, they’ll just keep doing it until everybody hates it!” 

The Golden Globes awards are a chance for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to award those involved with television and film in all aspects from acting, producing, directing and everything else that goes into putting together a production.  NBC focused heavily on the idea of the pair hosting, with a promotional campaign of commercials, and interviews of the two of them. With doing anything for a second time, there are always expectations that one has to live up to, and Tina and Amy did not disappoint. The pair, in my opinion, are perfect for the Golden Globes. They are not to raunchy and not too clean. The award show was referred to as “Hollywoods drunk wedding” by blog for the New Yorker, which I think is a very appropriate comparison. As the evening progressed the speeches got sloppier and even more enjoyable. There are very few moments when we get to see actors show who they really are, and when they are accepting an award after having a few drinks you really get to see them be human for a moment.

This year was one of the first times the show kept me entertained enough to sit through the entire thing, but I was slightly bias being a big fan of the NBC family, especially Fey and Poehler. I think we can count 2014 as a success and starting counting the days until the comedy duo takes the stage yet again to host the Golden Globes in 2015.

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