Choices: Does Television Provide us with More Than we can Handle?

When television was first introduced to the world it broke barriers that people didn’t even know existed. Television became the new revolutionary item of the decade more so the, century. At first people used television as a basic source of gathering information locally or a way to relay a message to the masses. Then viewers were provided more choices when entertainment was added to the viewing lineup. Within a few decades of the first televised program, there was a growth in soap operas especially in foreign countries like Iran and Brazil. These shows provided more than entertainment for pleasure, it gave people ideas. For example, one of the soap operas shown in Iran depicted and husband and wife as equals in the relationship, unlike in actuality, the wife and husband were from equal. This was even seen in Brazil when they had top-rated shows depicting women as strong, independent, and intelligent individuals. After this there was a clear increase in the amount of time girls stayed in school by five years.

Today we have an even abundant amount of choices ranging from movies, shows, game shows, sports, and much much more. Some households even have over 1000 channels to choose from. With so many options, more and more people are choosing to stay at home more. If you thought some viewers were couch potatoes back when it was just cable imagine now. Now people have stay-at-home jobs and do their schooling online. Kids are choosing to stay inside and watch television instead of going outside and the way the television works toady, these kids have access to everything. So choices aren’t necessarily a bad thing, but they aren’t entirely great either. We as a “technology savvy” generation just need to learn how to balance what we as viewers choose to watch every day.

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