Mass Media Rules The World Around Me

After reading the assigned articles for this week, especially article one written by Christine Rosen entitled “In the Beginning was the Word” it made me rethink my life and how consumed I am with electronics. In the article Rosen discusses how people don’t take the time to even read a hard copy of a book because people feel like it’s a waste of energy to complete such a task. I thought about how my life has been captivated by technology. Before I came to college I was barely on my phone unless it was to reply to a text or occasionally go on Facebook. However, once I came to school I began to check my phone at least every two to five minutes. I have to check my emails, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Youtube, text messages, and the new craze of posting pictures “Instagram”.

Before coming to school, if I left my phone at home I wouldn’t make a big deal about it and would go on about my day. If I needed to get in contact with someone I would just use someone else’s phone. Today, that is ABSOLUTELY out of the question. My checklist before I leave the house is my phone First, purse, wallet, and then my keys. My life is in constant motion and I get most of my work done on my phone. To have a sit down conversation with someone rarely happens now unless it’s a meeting, and even during those times I’m on my phone taking care of business or trying to see who posted the best picture of their outfit that day. I don’t need to look at my phone every second, but I can’t help it. I know most people might think social networks shouldn’t be a priority, but they’ve become part of my life.  Sometimes I feel like I’m trapped by mass media. The sad part is I don’t see my addiction stopping anytime soon. Do any of you feel like the world of mass media has consumed you?



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