Feminism..How far have we come?

Feminism..Have we really made progress?

Women should strive to be equal to men, why should women be content to assume the role of a stay at home mom and let the man be the bread maker after all it is 2013, but have we really come that far? Are women really treated just as equals to men? In my opinion no. I feel like we have a long way to go. We live in a contradicting society.
We are constantly talked about how we should strive to be Independent strong women, and how we can be the boss. How realistic is it however to be the boss and be a mother to have it all how society portraits it to be. The pressure for women is at an all time high. we have all heard about the “ticking” clock. But why as women do we feel that way. One word, society. We are constantly pressured to feel that by the age of 30 we should be successful in our chosen career, married and raising kids, while still going out and making just as much money as our men if not more. But how realistic is this?
We are a contradicting nation. Media glamorizes women, their beauty and sexuality. Yet at the same time they often portrait strong independent women on television. I am all about female power and being the best that you can be. Being a great mom and making partner at a successful law firm while also maintaing a great marriage is just not realistic. And thats ok.
As women we should strive to be the best as individuals. Chose your own role and whats best for you. Not every female wants to be the CEO of a major company, some just want to be a successful stay at home mom. That doesn’t mean they are anti-girl power. Have we made progress yes absolutely have we made as much as its talked about no we haven’t. However we should still be proud of how far we have come, we have a lot on our plate more than men perhaps, we are pressured constantly to be striving to have it all. We should be proud of the progress but to also be realistic in knowing that we have a long way to go as well. We should continue as a nation to better ourselves and make progress to equality but ultimately it is up to the individual and the role they want to play in their lives.

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