Reading a Book, a Rewarding Activity

Reading a Book, a Rewarding Activity
January 16, 2013
By Gloria Vargas

I remember when I was a child we didn’t have too many options to get information. My dad used to buy the newspaper weekly, and in addition, we also got the monthly issue of the Reader’s Digest by mail. My siblings and I used to read every single article because we wanted to be up to date on what was going on in the world. It is sad to hear that Reader’s Digest is filing for bankruptcy. However, I feel so thankful that they paved the way for how we now receive information – in condensed ways. It is not a surprise that today, with all the information and tools we have online, books are still a major source of entertainment. We still feel the need to relate to the imaginary characters in fiction stories. A book has depth and as humans we like to have contact with objects and other human beings.

Even though online reading is very popular nowadays, there are also a lot of distractions created while you sit on the computer. Even though many people feel as if they can multitask and do it well, studies have shown that people who do focused activities get more done and do it better. When we have a book in our hands, we often get emerged in the lecture. We allow those distractions to fade away.

I still think one of the best places a home can have is a library filled with stories and knowledge. There is nothing better than to spend time on a warm chair, by the fireplace, getting lost in a book. Having a book in your hand can relax you because often, as you read online, our minds will get distracted and it prevents us from accomplishing much. It is a great satisfaction when we read a book and reach its end.

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