Chris Brown to Spend 90 Days in an Anger Rehab

R&B singer, Chris Brown, has been known for the past 5 years for his horrible incident with his then girlfriend, pop singer, Rihanna. He was accused of domestic violence on her and has since then been getting negative treatment in the media as most would expect.

After this happened, he has been on probation but has violated it on different occasions with his run ins with the law. His latest situation happened on October 27th of this year when he allegedly punched a man in his face and was charged with a misdemeanor assault.  After a small court hearing, he went and checked himself into a rehabilitation center in Malibu. Two weeks later, he was out of the center. Many thought that he simply checked himself out, but new information has said that he became violent during a small family counseling session with his mother. Chris Brown was then ordered out of this specific facility. Now the judge orders him to spend 90 days at a live-in facility to get help specifically for his anger issues. Many of his fans are disappointed but also glad that he will get help before he can spiral down any further in his life and career.

For people that knew him when he first came out as a 16 year old singer, they know that he is a completely different person, and not in a good way. Chris Brown used to be the eccentric, goofy, talented singer whom people loved to watch. Now he has turned in to a “monster” as many of the different media outlets state. Hopefully, he can stay out of the media for a while and with the help of his anger management become a better artist and person all around.

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