Are The Kennedy’s Really ‘American Royalty’? Jack Schlossberg doesn’t think so.

I recently began following Jack Schlossberg, JFK’s grandson, on Twitter. Schlossberg, a junior at Yale, didn’t miss a beat to let the public know that he is an “JFK heir apparent”, as stated in his Twitter bio.

However, when I began looking through his tweets and pictures I formed a different impression of the Kennedy grandkid. In what I thought would be a series of narcissistic and pretentious tweets Schlossberg actually appears to mock the public’s strange fascination with him and his family and scoffs at the idea of  “American royalty.”

One picture in particular was an old shot of his late grandfather on one side and on the other side was a picture of him in a nearly identical pose. The caption on the picture? “People have waaaaaay to much time on their hands.”

Quite frankly, it just makes me curious as to why the public still holds so much admiration for this family. For instance, if you Google “Jack Schlossberg” a series of articles from different news outlets will come up with headlines such as ‘Who is the hot new Kennedy?’ and ‘9 things we know about Jack.’

Even though Schlossberg seems fascinated and perhaps even weirded out that the public is fascinated with him and “the new generation of Kennedy’s”, it sure hasn’t hurt him either. In fact, he appears to be interested in pursuing politics after graduation and most importantly, he has a legion of over 4,000 Twitter followers (including myself).

Regardless, I still can’t help myself but wonder if this kid is actually basking in the idea of American royalty or if it’s as weird as mentioned in his tweets. My guess? Both.

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