Red Sox Beard Shavings Up for Sale for Charity

Several of the World Champion Boston Red Sox grew large beards during their 2013 run in the playoffs. The razor company, Gillette teamed up with Boston players: David Ortiz and Shane Victorino to shave off their enormous beards at the beginning of November. The beard shavings were mashed together in  a beard ball. The two beard balls are going up for auction this week for charity. The profits from both of the auctions will go to the Movember Foundation. This is an organization that encourages men to grow facial hair during the month of November to raise funds and awareness for testicular and prostate cancer.

Both of the beard bundles will be on sale on eBay later this week. Both are expected to bring in large amounts of money due to them being one of a kind items. They are the perfect collectible for the baseball and Boston Red Sox fan. This season has been a monumental one for the team after being in last place in the entire league just a season prior.

The beards were both shaved off of the players at the Gillette shaving facility located in Boston. In my opinion, this is a great campaign for the Red Sox, Gillette and the charities that are represented. Gillette, one of the better shaving companies get to be the razors that shave off the famous bearded Boston Red Sox, while the Red Sox only have to donate facial hair to a charity. Nothing expensive, just simple free facial hair. I am a St. Louis Cardinals fan and even I can agree this is the best way to end the 2013 season of Major League Baseball.


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