UnBEARable Circumstances In Central Florida

As if raccoons and stray cat noises didn’t alarm you in the night, a new grizzly family has been spotted in Central Florida. Lake, Volusia, Seminole, Orange and Osceola counties have reported Florida Black bears sitting within their neighborhoods getting into trash cans, pools areas and even laying out on driveways. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have seen an increase of bear siting reports since early 2008. Tripling in number, there have been over six thousand bear siting’s this year alone varying from county to county. This is barely nothing new for Central Florida home owners; where  reporting’s stagger over a thousand calls in Orange county alone.

These grizzly beast are known for going on a left over frenzy before they prepare for winter. They have been known to come out before their hibernation period between late December to early March. These giants are not so gentle in some neighborhoods around the county. Calls have reported bears destroying sheds, breaking into cars, and killing local farmers animals and house pets. There have been over two thousand property damages reported statewide and about two hundred cases of bears attacking animals. Although numerous amount of calls have been made to wildlife officers, only about a dozen bears get relocated to the Ocala National Forest. The problem with relocation is that some bears eventually find their way out and often find their way back as well.

Florida home owners show concern for these large terrorizers fearing for their pets, property, or even themselves. Although Florida Black bears are not violent in nature, one shouldn’t go by that with every bear encountering. Home owners can prevent trouble with these bears by locking away garbage cans, leave grills cleaned, and removing all pets foods from around the home.



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