Chrissey Teigen and Tyra Banks unite for a very touching message towards society- Find out what caused them to get so emotional!

The supermodel Tyra Banks and the model of the moment Chrissey Teigen just came out with a brand new talk show along with some other hosts but these two ladies have made headlines with their personal, very personal life struggles.

As you might know Chrissey is married to the famous John Legend, the two have together do almost ten years but still have no little ones running around the house, which according to her makes her fans question her all the time why is she not trying to have kids. Well, asked and answered, because Chrissey took the first week of the show airing to clear up some questions people have for her.

Turns out the reason she hasn’t been able to have kids is not because of her career of modeling, to keep her amazing body, it is actually that she has fertility issues that she hasn’t been able to overcome. While she was talking about the issue, she got upset that at every interview she does that’s all they want to know, but it id so hard for her to keep getting asked the same thing over and over when she doesn’t even know the reason behind not being able to have kids.

As soon people in the audience started clapping for Chrissey’s comfort, Tyra came to the rescue and spoke about her own fertility issues that she has had but never brought them up for the same reason of being such a troubling issue to talk about. They both were agreeing with each other to create this new thing of #StopAsking not just for them but for everyone in general beauce we might not know what they are going through and it could hurt them to just to hear the same questions all the time.


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