College Campus Mass Shooting. 10 Dead, Gunman Identified.

Another American College Campus Shooting.  At least ten people dead, seven others wounded three of them in critical condition. The shooting happened at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg Oregon. Twenty six year old Chris Mercer was the gunman responsible for such an unfortunate massacre. Students from the community college stated that the gunman asked students to lay on the ground, later told one by one to stand up and asked what their religion was. Whoever said they were Christian, Mercer would reply with “you are about to see God in just a second” then BOOM would shot and kill them.

The bloodbath started happening around 10:36 AM. 911 emergency calls started flooding around 10:38 AM when students all around campus started dialing 911. Other students simply fled their classroom for places to hide. Around 10:44 AM officers confronted Chris Mercer (the shooter). Seconds later the gunman is dead.

This is the 10th fatal school shooting in 2015 and the 15th time President Barack Obama has to come out and talk about a mass shooting. The president is disgusted by these events stating that school mass shootings are happening continuously and we need to put a stop to this American Epidemic. Our thoughts and prayers are not enough for what has happened in Umpqua Community College. The community of Roseburg gathered at night for a prayer service to honor the victims and those still fighting for their lives. School officials say that this will not terrify them, Umpqua is a resilient community college, and the school will continue to have a positive attitude to help the community move on.

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