Ken Jeong’s new primetime series breaking barriers for Asian Americans everywhere.

The past couple of years have seemed to be slightly darker than the years prior, and by darker I mean negativity such as mass shootings, unnecessary killings that may have stemmed from race issues, and war have seemed to be plaguing this country. We live in a period that appears better on the outside than it is on the inside. We live in a time period that houses issues that previous generations thought we would have or should have overcame. One of the issues that seem to be a constant in this country for some is race. Not every race feels as if they are treated equally or appropriately, others seem to disagree at this notion and continue to wear their rose colored glasses. However, the issue of equally amongst the races is an ugly truth, so prevalent in nearly every aspect of this country, including the media.
Those who choose to disagree about the unequal treatment of varying ethnicities cannot argue with statistics. For instance, in primetime television, roughly 80 percent of the actors are white, while perhaps 15 percent may be African American and the other 5 percent a mosh posh of other ethnicities. Yet, what ABC has done recently to equate the groups is promote primetime shows that the underrepresented races such as Asian Americans. Ken Jeong has a new show debuting on ABC with the cast mostly consisting of actors with an Asian background. One of the first shows of its kind to show a realistic, down to earth Asian family go through their everyday struggles just as George Lopez showcased a Latin American family and the Cosby Show displayed an African American family.
Jeong’s new show reveals so much more opportunities for minority races, who knows maybe the next show will debut a Native American family.

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