Colleges and Universities: Effects on Independent News Reporting

As a growing number of college and university students seek majors or classes in journalism, schools are beginning to promote the publishing of student reports to local and state news services.  This is beneficial for student learning and the surrounding community.  Not only does this give students the opportunity to work hand in hand with professional news stations and websites, but it gives them experience in real world settings, promotes future professional connections, and provides more local coverage for the areas where the schools are located.  All in all, this process is becoming a major contributor to independent news reporting.

The University of Central Florida is home to the renowned and is a great example of this contribution.  This independent and non-profit news source serves students, faculty, and surrounding neighborhoods with local, state, and national reporting.  From sports to key news stories, Knights News collaborates with news services, professionals, and journalism students all around the Orlando area to provide top-notch investigative reporting.  The credibility and well known name this news service has achieved, just goes to show what an effect students can have on independent news reporting.

As the growth of student publishing begins to spread, an increase in news output is sure to follow.  With the rise of new technologies and bright, young minds working together to create cutting-edge news coverage, consumers everywhere will be craving more.  This will lead to a higher percentage rate of journalism students obtaining jobs after college, a better informed society, and a connected and collaborative community.  It is a prosperous and innovative development in universities, communities, and states all over the country.  The contributions that these colleges and universities are making on independent news reporting are unlimited and have no plans of slowing down in the near future.

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