The Real Life Fountain of Youth

So has anyone ever wondered ,  if you could expand your days and feel young again ? Or even what if there really was a real life fountain of youth ?  Well in a recent article called “A New Path to Longevity”, a Royal Canadian Navy group from Cape Scott went on a four-month expedition to Easter Island to do studies on a volcano that was just outside of Chile. The group’s initial plan was to build an airport near the volcano and study the population and environment while they were in Chile. During the study some members of the research team brought back hundreds of different plant and animal samples as well as blood and saliva from the residents that were living there. While looking through the samples, the team members discovered that some of the dirt had chemicals in it that they had not seen before. The chemicals were believed to be bacteria that had the ability and capability to extend life expectancy. The chemical rapamycin was tested on mice and the scientists found from the test, that the life span of the mice had been increased to a length that has never been seen before. There have been many years where gerontologists’ were trying to come up with and find a  lot of different ways to extend life expectancy, but it was not until now when they felt like their work was well worth the risk.  A test was done in 2006 with the chemical on rodents, but it was shown to be unsuccessful. Scientists kept testing and found in 2009 and in 2010 that the tests were successful due to the mice life expectancy expanding 12 percent higher than the previous test they done before. Due to newer and more testing on humans in Switzerland, researchers found that rapamycin supervises and controls a large amount of enzymes and cells which determines growth-related activities in the cell and their membranes. With the discovery of rapamycin, many scientists hope that they can extend life expectancy, get rid of cancer cells, diabetes and postpone other diseases that lots of people accommodate when they reach a certain age.

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