Come on now dont waste your time, Just Google it!

Though calling all the Google reliant people of today stupid would be a bit harsh, it seems that the three simple words, just Google it, have altered not only the way we think and process information but our ability to retain whatever it is we learn. Previous to this age of overflowing information, where anything and everything we want to know about the world around us is only a few clicks away; if someone needed information on something, it could take hours, days or even longer before that knowledge could be obtained. Now, when a site doesn’t load quickly enough, frustration and impatience set in and take over most other thoughts.

For the newer generations being raised today, picking up and reading a book for pleasure is going to be nothing more then an inconvenient task. Sitting through pages and pages of information, whether its an enjoyable book or not, will no longer matter. Studies have shown that many people of today, even when browsing the web where most information is given in only short blurbs, if the main facts are not given quick enough and written in such a way that its basically handed over, most people would miss the most pertinent parts of what they were reading.

With most books becoming obsolete, thanks to tablets and other devices, sooner or later it seems that the ability to just retain and know information about certain subjects could itself become obsolete. The convenience level in many ways, undoubtedly wins out when it cuts research time down as severely as it has been calculated to do, but at what cost are we receiving this convenience? How soon before we go to the doctor and are told to type our symptoms into a WebMD search engine and hope for the best?

When all the answers are just a short Google away, where’s the actual need in learning such things?



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