Technology fights loneliness and boredom on this side of town.

Once upon a time, on a summer afternoon with nothing to do, I’d read a book because nothing else could possibly fight this boredom. The purpose of technology is make things easier and that’s exactly what it does. With the boom of the internet and cellphone era, we are always with each other; literally… well almost.

Maria’s husband Chrys went on a trip to Asia for business and with iphone face time, they were able to talk during his breaks, or skype using webcam. He was able to use instagram to document all of the monuments he witnessed and capped everything with a night chat. We’re so close to one another from so far away and technology is ever so growing and making it so that we never miss a minute.

Because of technology, High School reunions aren’t so surprising because we never lose touch. With Facebook and Twitter, we can check marriage, relationship, or school statuses while also seeing how we’ve all gained or lost weight through profiles pictures. With cell phones in the possession of even “toddles”, everyone knows where everyone else is. Through text, I can find out where Mathew is right now, if Sally wants to come over tonight, and why Joshua didn’t pledge alpha anymore within 3 minutes of each other.

With Groupme, you can replicate best friends coming over for adult conversation and small talk with group texting. Boredom is dying because technology is living. No longer will we sit in chemistry with Professor talks-a-lot in our ears. We’re not sleeping in class because twitter news announced that Ray Allen is going to join the NBA champion Miami Heats.

Whether you like it or not, technology is making it so that we’re entertained at all aspects of our lives and that thing are easily at our reach. One problem with technology is that it’s turning us into zombies that stare at screens instead of talking and socializing with one another. Why don’t we put away our phones when at the family dinner table and stop texting the very people that are in the room. Technology should make things easy but instead it’s making us lazy. Unfortunately, technology is nowhere close to slowing down.

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