Communication is the key to a successful beginning.

Communication is an important asset of life. Communication skills are essential in all aspects of life, a job interview, working with others, and even in school. From the moment we are born we start communicating. As newborns we cry when hungry, wet or feel some sort of discomfort. Toddlers are known for throwing tantrums when they feel they are not being understood. We are born communicating and go through life mastering ways of communication. We understand and know how to communicate yet we hold back when it comes to being vulnerable about our feelings towards others. Why is it that when it comes to expressing our true feelings to someone we like, we feel afraid of communicating those thoughts? Often we hold back in fear of rejection other times it’s because we simply cannot put into words all that we feel. Isn’t taking the chance worth it in the end? Two of my very best friends like each other and it is more than evident in the way they even look at each other. Evident to everyone but them that is. I always hear both of their sides of the story and it would seem so simple for them to express their thoughts and feelings to each other instead of confiding this with me. One thing I repeat to them is communicate these thoughts to him/her and they each have the same response, “what if they don’t feel the same?” This response seems funny to me because although they may have not confessed their feelings to each other their body language and behavior with each other is more than enough clues to signal to anyone that there is a mutual attraction between them. The only way to be sure of it is by communicating. Communication really is the key.

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