Hiding the Real Truth about Terrorism

Hiding the Truth About What?

Terrorism is an ongoing battle that is occurring not only in the U.S., but around the world. Reporters, newspapers and news station in my opinion are not doing the soldiers that are fight terrorism justice. The use euphemisms to down play attacks. The reporters are doing this because the do not want to scare their audience. If they scare them then will not watch that channel again. Therefore they would go out of business. They dishonor the soldiers by doing this and why? So they can make the people that they are fighting for feel safe. By making the people feel they are safe they are doing exactly what the terrorist want. They then hit where it will hurt them the most and where they are the safest.

I think that we need to honor our veterans by telling the truth on what is happening. We need to make the people aware that terrorism is no joke. In a movie documentary called Obsession, which is a documentary of what is really going on with terrorism the writer of Fahrenheit 9/11 was interviewed. He said that we had nothing to worry about and that terrorism did not really exist. This is not true. We need to have that little fear in out lives. We have the right to know what is really going on with our country. By doing this we are able to honor our soldiers that are fighting terrorism for us.

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