Computers Really Our Friends

In this day and age, every has to do with a computer or access to the internet. Our younger generation probably can not go a day without accessing the internet or using a computer for one of its many functions. Computers have been reliable, useful, and life changing in our society and economy. We would even consider the computer “Friendly.” To me, it is not so friendly. It causes several problems. Companies downsize, problems rise and spread fast, and keeping a clean computer seems harder.

Companies are no longer needing as much human employees working. Hours seem to decrease. People can order their pizza and other take out food over the internet now. Nobody is really needed to answer the phone. Soon, all orders will only be taken from the internet ONLY. Billing have gone paperless and now people are receiving paperless billing. The post office’s routes don’t seem as busy. Can you imagine all of our mail being digital? Even though it would save indeed save trees, people need jobs.

Rumors spread over the internet. Celebrities die on Twitter weekly, the media portray people negatively. Videos goes viral for all the wrong reasons. Drama on Facebook and other social media sites causes chaos. The computer is not helping with that also.

Lastly, with a computer comes Pop-Ups and Spam. These can be harmful to your computer. Programs are designed to crash your computer which can be costly to repair. Having a computer doesn’t seem friendly. It sounds like it can work against us. In our society, it is and will probably work against our favor in the near future.

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