Do We Really Need to be Going to Mars?

Throughout our nation’s space program, we have always been curious about Mars.  Does it have alien life?  Does it have water?  Does it have an atmosphere to sustain life?  NASA has sent up rovers to try and uncover answers to these questions.  They have been able to discover that there was water on the planet, and that it may have more water on it that has yet to be discovered.  My question is, does any of this really matter?  I am completely in support of a space program to advance our military technology through satellites, but do we really need to care about what is on Mars?  With all of the starving people in our country and even the world, where should we really be focusing our attention?  If we could take the money that NASA spends on the Mars program, and use it for things like providing food to children in shelters and helping families in need, our country would be a better place.  Then once the poverty in our country is eliminated, imagine what those enabled people can contribute to society.  A portion of them will then be able to go overseas, into third world countries, to help restore life.  With the money not given to NASA, those people would be able to build wells, houses, and develop crops allowing for sustainability.  I believe our missions to Mars are a waste of our tax money and would be better purposed doing humanitarian work, in both our country, and overseas.

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